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the future of Amiga Community

A-EON Technology Ltd is headquartered in Cardiff, UK and was established to help fund hardware and software development for the benefit of the whole Amiga community.

The past: our founders have a long history and tradition with Commodore and Amiga computers stretching back to 1981. We are first and foremost Amiga enthusiasts and wish to continue the legacy and tradition of the ground breaking Amiga computer.

The present: our first product, the AmigaONE X1000 based on the PA Semi 1.8GHz dual core PowerPC CPU is the most powerful custom built "Next Generation" AmigaOS computer released to date.

The promise: we are interested in all "Amiga" flavours and, working with our hardware and software partners, look forward to delivering more exciting products in the future.

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Key people

Trevor Dickinson

Trevor has had a long and successful business career, and as a Business Angel, has investments in a diverse range of companies covering many industries. However, his hobby and passion is the Amiga computer.

Trevor Dickinson

Matthew Leaman

Matthew is also the founder and Managing Director of AmigaKit, a trading division of Leaman Computing Ltd, which in 2006 acquired the stock of Eyetech Group Ltd. Under his control, AmigaKit has established itself as a world-wide market leader in the retail and distribution of Amiga hardware and software, servicing both the Classic and Next Generation community.

Matthew Leaman