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X5000 is the fastest Amiga currently available, to run your beloved operating system.

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About X5000

Freescale 64-bit processor

X5000 (Cyrus Plus) board is built around a Freescale QorIQ P5 64-bit e5500 dual-core PowerPC processor running at 2.0 GHz. The CPU, which is used in the defence and aerospace industry and is part of Freescale’s Product Longevity Program which provides for a 10+ year lifetime availability for the CPU.

X5000 comes in two different versions:

  • X5000/20 is equipped with P5020, a 2GHz dual core PPC CPU
  • X5000/40 is equipped with P5040, a 2.2GHz quad core PPC CPU

Supported Operating Systems

AmigaOS 4 MorphOS 3 Fienix Linux

Where to buy

AmigaKit Amiga On The Lake